Saturday, August 4, 2012

Why the new Ouya video game console will succeed

With many Android-on-a-stick devices already available on the market like the FXI Cotton Candy, the MK802, the Oval Elephant Mini PC or the Equiso, it was only a matter of time before some company managed to make a cheap video game console based on Android for the TV. All it needed, after all, is to get an attractive and marketing-friendly name ("Ouya" is short, different and effective), a solid game-oriented controller (with touch capabilities to remain fully compatible with already-existing Android games), a specialized User Interface, high-impact marketing (Kickstarter provided them what they needed up to now at no extra charges), very low selling price point (99$ is perfect!), capability to play AAA games (Onlive allows this), as well as interesting partnerships with many well-known video game publishers.

And Ouya got them all.

Square Enix publicly announced that they will support Ouya by releasing Final Fantasy 3 and providing new content. That sounds so great! I would have preferred a remastering of Final Fantasy 7 (would be more strategic) but hey, that's quite a decent start to begin with.

As a video game developer and app developer myself, I am also planning to support Ouya personnally in a few ways. I cannot tell you more about my implication right now, but I am in touch with Julie Urhman right now. 

I invite you to pre-order the system, or to back them financially, over there on their Kickstater page. Hurry up, since only 4 days remain!

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