Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oorbit search engine for Android, Windows, Mac & Linux launched

I published Oorbit for Android on Google Play (3.49$) and for Windows/Mac/Linux at www.oorbit.com. Oorbit is a new user interface layer for Google Search. It provides many very useful shortcuts, allowing the user to specify one extra level of precision for his search.

As an example, in Oorbit the user can query for keywords "curriculum vitae web developer" as "Text files (Direct files)", which would return 15 800 results on which the user can directly click to download, instead of 17 600 000 results returned by Google where none in the first many pages are returning directly any downloadable file, for the very same keywords.

Another great example of precision is when you define in Oorbit some keywords, as "music". Oorbit returns results where the user can open or download the desired song track, versus Google that returns a lot of unrelevant infos about the song or the artist.

Oorbit queries Google and injects Google Advanced Search parameters automatically in the query, using a much more accessible (it is reported by some analysts that only 3% of all Google Search users have ever used the Advanced Search panel to refine/filter the results...), automatic (finally, a real smart web search engine!), clean (it looks as clean as Google Search was 10 years ago) and user-friendly interface.

Oorbit is how Google Search should have evolved. Simply. Anyway, by default it performs the very same kind of search as Google, so it returns the very same results. Oorbit is in every aspect superior to Google Search, less the usual Google junk.

If feedback is appreciated, I may consider developping an iOS port soon.

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