Saturday, September 1, 2012

Had an awesomely fun Developers Night!

Me and two friends have renewed with an old habit; meeting together for a Developers Night! We originally called such events "3D Nights", but as I am now more doing fun coding my Unity game in C#, we are giving the name a more general scope :P

Phil, a friend of mine that is working at FunCom Montreal, has been animating characters in Maya.
Remz, on his side, was updating his techniques in 3DStudioMax. I teached him Smoothing Groups and UVW Unwrapping, two things that can quickly become complicated if you have no guide (and once fear is installed, you don't always find the courage to find and follow tutorials all by your own initiative, hence why having a teacher that is pushing you to learn more is a good thing in this world of complex software wizardry and foreign menus!).

Personnally, I was indeed programming my 2D game in Unity3D. I fixed a few bugs and started new features. Along with Remz, we also found many new key features that will enhance the overall gameplay experience by a considerable factor. I think I am reaching my goal with success.

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