Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My objectives for 2012 were...

I always fought against the society and system in order to keep a lot of "free" time. I hate this english word because free time is hardly really free ($)... In fact when you are not working for an immediate salary, chances are that you will end up loosing some money. But sometimes I feel this is necessary, and more precisely, this is very constructive if you make good use of it. Money can help you buy or build things, but there are things money simply can't buy, like knowledge. To me, knowledge is the most valuable asset, and money is only a tool.

Following this philosphosy, my objectives for 2013 are both vague and precise at the same time.

My objectives for 2012 were those:
-Learning PHP, MySQL and AJAX;
-Learning Unity3D (C# and Javascript);
-Learning Microsoft Visual Studio Express C#;
-Learning advanced UVW mapping in 3DStudioMax;
-Learning basic character rigging and animation process in 3DStudioMax;
-Learning ZBrush;

I was, that year again, very lucky and had enough free time to do and actually complete everything I scheduled, except for learning ZBrush, which I never had the opportunity to explore much yet. In fact, I had to choose between learning ZBrush, or learning Microsoft Visual Studio Express C#, and I decided to learn the latest because I had no projects requiring immediate knowledge of ZBrush, while I wanted to resurrect my old project of a parental control application. I already invested a lot of time and money into that development about 3 years ago, and I evaluated that it might be a profitable opportunity and timing for me to learn Visual Studio all by myself instead of hiring staff to develop my project. And to be honnest, I don't regret my move as of this date!

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