Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New knowledge acquired!

During Christmas holidays, I made the move to install Microsoft Visual Studio C# 2010 Express. As the programming is very, very similar to Unity C#, after 8 intensive days of practicing, I was instantly productive.

I made an app that extracts products and prices data from the website, and started development of an anti-pornography parental control application for the Iceland Minister of Interior (they made a public call, you can go read about it over there: and As you can imagine, I cannot disclose much more about this project.

Since my Visual Studio 30-days trial period will expire soon, I installed SharpDevelop, an open-source software that is a 100% free alternative to Microsoft Visual Studio. What is very interesting, is that it can open Microsoft Visual Studio projects, so I can still download many source files for Visual Studio tutorials, and I can continue my projects seamlessly. So far, I encountered no shocking issues, except that I would have liked to be able to split the Code and Design viewports in order to see both at the same time. Visual Studio allows this (Vertical Tab Group). But hey, it is free; if you really need a free C# IDE, I still highly recommend SharpDevelop.

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